Paris Photos

Paris Photos

Click on images for a larger view.

…and don’t miss this one, a panorama of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Traffic Zooms By The Louvre

Night On The Seine


Boat On The Seine

Urban Art

Pastries, they were that good

Notre Dame Chandelier

Thanks to Arnold for this one

Lovely Charlotte

Magnificent Malcom

Dramatic Notre Dame!

A lovely local lunch

Whose Shoes?

Urban Art

Sketch Artist

But Seriously

The Shop Keeper

I’m thinkin’ about it… (Chris took this one)


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous blog you have, Dan. And your pictures are truly professional.
    We did have a marvelous time, didn’t we?

  2. Chris M

    Great photos, Dan! The panoramic view was awesome!

  3. Rich Johnson

    Dan & Chris- Thanks for the pics! The wine bar was perfect, and the others catch a good flavor of the trip. Glad you made it home ok, hope you’re feeling ok. We enjoyed the time we spent with you in the City of Light.
    Rich and Edna

  4. Edna Sexton

    I love these photos and your whole display is very creative and professional. My favorite is you and Chris by the Eiffel Tower. Our good-bye dinner with the two of you was the icing on the cake of a wonderful trip to Paris. Thanks, Edna

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